A.R.Communicate specializes in a wide range of sectors. We work mainly in technical, industrial and business contexts, but we also operate in many other fields, including art and music, and we have partnered with a number of publishers, manufacturers of musical instruments and record labels for their translation needs.

Our translations are extremely accurate and true to the source text and are entrusted to target language native-speaker translators with appropriate expertise for each project.

We are able to work with various CAT tools, including:

  • Trados
  • Transit
  • Wordfast
  • Across

Software localization

Localization is the process of linguistic and cultural adaptation of a product to meet the needs of a defined target market.

By "target" we mean the country where the product will be sold and used.

In addition to translation skills, IT expertise is also required.


A.R.Communicate provides efficient interpreting services to flank its impeccable translations. An interpreter may be required for those attending trade negotiations, business meetings and trade events. In addition to language training, our interpreters guarantee expertise and vocabulary knowledge specific to the sector in which they operate.

Types of interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting: simultaneous verbal translation provided by an interpreter in a soundproof booth. This service is usually indispensable for events like meetings and conferences.

Chuchotage: a simultaneous translation of the speaker’s words whispered to one or two listeners. Recommended when there are only two or three people involved.

Consecutive interpreting: the interpreter listens to the speaker’s words and translates them in brief segments. This service is generally required for short events or for a limited number of participants.

Liaison interpreting: the interpreter accompanies one or more professionals to a business meeting or a visit to a customer and provides an informal spoken translation during the encounter.


We translate from and into the following languages:

  • Italian
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Arabic

On request, we are also able to translate your documents into other languages.


  • administration, human resources, office management, personnel management
  • art (painting, music, literature, film, theatre, poetry)
  • construction
  • agriculture and viticulture
  • chemical industry
  • electronics
  • employment
  • environment
  • international contracts
  • general texts (information and communication)
  • history and archaeology
  • industries: food, automotive, textiles, glass
  • ISO certification
  • multimedia
  • SAP
  • technical manuals
  • tourism
  • business correspondence
  • websites
  • ecology